BBC Radio 1 discusses horrors of serviced laundry in laundrettes

Hello LaundryRevolutionaries!

I wonder if you heard Scott and Chris on Radio 1’s Scott Mills Show recently, having a good old moan about taking laundry to the laundrette for a service wash. The grudging customer service, the shrinking clothes, the difficulty fixing a pick-up time…

If only they had dropped their laundry at a LaundryRepublic locker or concierge, and let us take care of the rest!

Chris, Scott, it’s time you joined the Laundry Revolution already! Customers across London are already reaping the benefits of a hassle-free laundry experience. Just drop your clothes off, any time of the day or night, and we’ll deliver it back to you clean and sparkly (and not two sizes too small!)

Listen to the conversation from 15:22

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At LR we like to ask our customers for their opinions: whether it’s feedback on your most recent order, or whether what additional services you would like us to provide.

One thing you’ve been asking us about recently is using LR at your gym, so we’ve put together a short survey to ask whether this is something you would find useful, and what kind of services you would like us to provide.Simply fill in the survey and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win £100 to spend on your dry cleaning and laundry at LaundryRepublic! Go to the survey here:

Why do women’s shirts & blouses cost more than men’s shirts?

Customers sometimes ask why women’s shirts and blouses are priced differently to men’s shirts. The simple reason is that blouses are significantly more difficult and time-consuming to press. Shirt pressing equipment has been designed to fit a standard men’s shirt – made of cotton and broadly the same shape.

However, women’s shirts are typically smaller and more fitted, designed to hang on a female body. Women’s shirts are often made using other materials, such as rayon, and feature accessories, such as sequins or lace, which mayrequire more attention. For this reason, women’s shirts have to be pressed entirely by hand, taking more time and effort and resulting in a moreexpensive process.

We would prefer to charge a standard price across both men’s and women’s shirts – it would be easier for us to administer, and easier for our customers to understand. At the moment, the machinery and processes aren’t quite there to allow us to do this, but we are working on it!

What customer satisfaction means to LR

Having once worked in the City and, when it came to dry cleaners, experiencing only frustration at poor customer service and restricted opening hours, the founders of LaundryRepublic decided something needed to change! They set up a dry cleaning company which operates 24/7 in your own home and is focused on providing excellent customer service.

And here we are, three years later, caring passionately about the quality of the services we offer and our customers’ satisfaction. We like keeping our customers fully informed at every stage of the process and recognise their long term value. Our customers receive a text and an email as soon as we have processed their clothes with an inventory of their order, the cost and the estimated delivery date. They receive another when their order is all clean and ready to be collected from the locker or their concierge.

Our customer satisfaction guarantee means if a customer isn’t happy with the cleaning or pressing of any item, we’ll do everything we can to resolve the issue immediately. Our customers’ feedback help us to improve our service so we regularly ask them to rate their experience out of 5. We average between 4.6 and 4.8 on all measures, from hundreds of responses – that’s a lot of happy customers!

“I’ve found the whole service experience from placing the order to collecting my items hassle free. I was also very impressed with the level of communication throughout the cleaning process, it was very refreshing to receive updates rather than the customer having to chase up his own order (which has been known to happen before).” Stewart B, NW1

If you want to know more about what our lovely customers say, you can see more on our website (here:

24 Hour Laundry People

What most annoys you about ordinary dry cleaners? If you said “opening hours” you are not alone. We ran an extensive survey and the results were clear: restrictive opening hours and distance from home won the Golden Bugbear awards. Luckily, LaundryRepublic solves both these problems, because our secure drop-off lockers sit in residential buildings throughout London and mean you can drop off your laundry at any time of day and don’t have to walk further than the lobby! Find out more about how LaundryRepublic works.