Why do women’s shirts & blouses cost more than men’s shirts?

Customers sometimes ask why women’s shirts and blouses are priced differently to men’s shirts. The simple reason is that blouses are significantly more difficult and time-consuming to press. Shirt pressing equipment has been designed to fit a standard men’s shirt – made of cotton and broadly the same shape.

However, women’s shirts are typically smaller and more fitted, designed to hang on a female body. Women’s shirts are often made using other materials, such as rayon, and feature accessories, such as sequins or lace, which mayrequire more attention. For this reason, women’s shirts have to be pressed entirely by hand, taking more time and effort and resulting in a moreexpensive process.

We would prefer to charge a standard price across both men’s and women’s shirts – it would be easier for us to administer, and easier for our customers to understand. At the moment, the machinery and processes aren’t quite there to allow us to do this, but we are working on it!

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