BBC Radio 1 discusses horrors of serviced laundry in laundrettes

Hello LaundryRevolutionaries!

I wonder if you heard Scott and Chris on Radio 1’s Scott Mills Show recently, having a good old moan about taking laundry to the laundrette for a service wash. The grudging customer service, the shrinking clothes, the difficulty fixing a pick-up time…

If only they had dropped their laundry at a LaundryRepublic locker or concierge, and let us take care of the rest!

Chris, Scott, it’s time you joined the Laundry Revolution already! Customers across London are already reaping the benefits of a hassle-free laundry experience. Just drop your clothes off, any time of the day or night, and we’ll deliver it back to you clean and sparkly (and not two sizes too small!)

Listen to the conversation from 15:22

LaundryRepublic behind the scenes

Since I started working at LaundryRepublic I’ve spoken to a lot of people who aren’t sure what the process behind dry cleaning actually involves. So here’s a little information on what goes on behind the scenes here at LaundryRepublic:

Our drivers collect all the orders from lockers or concierges and bring them back to LaundryRepublic HQ . Our team is then ready to get to work! Each garment of clothing goes through these steps whilst it’s with us :

Clothes processing – our team go through every order and count the items, and log them in the system (e.g. blouse, shirts) and examine the garments for stains or anything that may need repair. Each item is then tagged with an order number. All the clothes processing is video recorded.

Stain pre-treatment –  we pre-treat tough stains with special cleaning agents before washing/dry cleaning to try our best to make sure they are removed

Laundry and dry cleaning –Next step is to wash and dry clean the clothes according to the manufacturer’s care label or customer’s instruction. For wash laundry loads, our laundry team take great care to wash colours and whites separately to avoid colours running. Some delicate fabrics need dry cleaning, which means that the cleaning process is made using a liquid chemical solvent instead of water.  The clothes are loaded into a machine which looks a lot like a normal domestic machine but usually washes at a temperature slightly cooler

than a wash at home.

Post Spotting – Our dry cleaning team will examine the clothes, if any stains remain our team tries to remove them with special equipment and chemicals using steam, water, vacuum and air. This process will clean the majority of soil and spots, however some stains may sometimes prove to be very persistent.

Finishing – The final phase of the process includes finishing, pressing, steaming, ironing, and making any necessary repairs.

Quality check and orders assembly – After the clothing has been washed or dry cleaned, every garment goes through quality control to ensure a high quality finish for our customers every time. The orders are then re-assembled and packaged with our personalised LaundryRepublic bags.

The orders are now ready to be delivered by our drivers back to our customers. And that’s it, simple really!

24 Hour Laundry People

What most annoys you about ordinary dry cleaners? If you said “opening hours” you are not alone. We ran an extensive survey and the results were clear: restrictive opening hours and distance from home won the Golden Bugbear awards. Luckily, LaundryRepublic solves both these problems, because our secure drop-off lockers sit in residential buildings throughout London and mean you can drop off your laundry at any time of day and don’t have to walk further than the lobby! Find out more about how LaundryRepublic works.