Earn £100 credit by bringing LR to your building

Despite tough economic conditions LaundryRepublic has continued to grow strongly throughout the last year thanks to our amazing customers. And with your support, we want to keep that momentum going throughout 2013.

The LR Building Bounty scheme is our way of thanking our customers for their help in spreading London’s laundry revolution. It’s simple – if you know of an apartment building with more than 20 private flats and you help us to start serving the building by recommending us to the building manager or landlord, we’ll give you £100 in credit for your LR account as soon as we start serving it.

You can find out more by emailing us on contactus@laundryrepublic.com or calling our team on 020 7139 3130.

And we continue growing!

We’ve been working very hard during the last few months and we’re starting to see the fruits of our efforts.

We’ve started serving nearly 1,500 more apartments – developments in Clapham, Battersea, Highbury, Farringdon, Stratford, Canary Wharf and Woolwich are now part of our laundry revolution! And since July, we’ve added five new LR team members, who have been helping us to raise standards even higher.

We’ve stepped up our social media presence and now have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles! It’s a great way to keep our customers up to date with our news, the latest promotions and discount codes, stain removal tips and the occasional funny stories from the world of dry cleaning and laundry.

Talking about promotions: LR is now serving gyms, allowing our customers to combine their trip to the fitness club with a visit to the dry cleaners. If you would like us to start serving your gym, get in touch! We’ll even give you the equivalent of a month’s gym membership in credit as a thank you when we start serving it.

Also this week, we’ve launched a new discount voucher – 10% off your second order when you use the voucher code at the bottom of your receipt. This allows recent joiners to continue to try the LR experience for less! Check your receipt for terms and details.

And to finish, we’re always grateful to our customers for their clothes recycling donations on behalf of Scope. We have helped them to donate 1,500 kg so far this year, raising more than £7,000 (and counting) to support Scope’s projects for disabled people!