How to fold fitted sheets

So simple, even a baby could do it! Well, he's trying.

So simple, even a baby could do it! Well, he’s trying.

Hello, Laundry Revolutionaries! If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to start keeping things a bit more tidy – well, we hope you’re doing well so far! But even the most committed neat freak can have their resolve tested by the humble fitted sheet. With its weird shapes and raggly edges, it cries out to be bundled up and chucked in the closet – but don’t give in! We at LaundryRepublic have the answer.

First, find one of the short edges, and with the sheet inside out, put one of your hands into each of its corners, like a glove.

Then bring your right hand to your left, and fold the corner in your right hand over the corner in your left. Any lefties should swap all the directions around, as from this point, your right hand will do most of the work while the left does the holding.

With your right hand, reach down and pick up the corner that is now hanging in front. Pull that up, and fold that over both corners – and if the corner that’s showing is inside out, you’re doing it right!

If wriggling occurs, check for stowaways.

If wriggling occurs, check for stowaways.

Next, pick up the final corner with your right hand, and fold it over the others. You’ve got all the corners! Don’t drop them, even if they wriggle.

You can then lay the folded sheet on a flat surface. Straighten it out so the edges are straight, folding in two edges so that all of the elastic is hidden. With a well-earned sense of triumph, fold the sheet into a rectangle, and keep going until it’s the size you want!

So, there’s no need to give up on a neat and tidy New Year just yet.

Of course, you could always just send your bedding to us for cleaning, and our team will make sure it comes back to you beautifully folded!


Photos from Flickr: by Tofslie and FairerDingo