Our Reading List for World Book Day

In honour of World Book Day, we thought we’d share our top 15 favourite books with our loyal LaundryRevolutionaries! You might sense a common theme…



  1. Captain Smug-Wash – recommended for anyone experiencing our hassle-free laundry service!
  2. Franken-stain – for laundry so dirty it’s monstrous
  3. Revolutionary Woad – all kinds of dyes have revolutionised laundry. Fear not, ancient Celts – LaundryRepublic can make sure your colours don’t run!
  4. Iron-ing Man – In this classic comic book series, Tony Stark saves the world from creased clothing
  5. scarlet letterThe Scarlet Sweater – Red wine-stains are a nightmare – send them to us for a thorough clean!
  6. The Stitch-Liker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams’ comic tale of interstellar tailors
  7. Ann of Clean Sables – and if you want furs as clean as Ann’s, send them to us for specialist cleaning!
  8. 0 Shades of Grey – LaundryRepublic get your whites dazzling every time!
  9. Jack Bleacher – An action hero who’s not afraid to get down and dirty (and send his clothes to us afterwards)
  10. as i lay dyingAs I Lay Drying – Faulkner’s laundry masterpiece
  11. The Man with the Ironing Task… Alexandre Dumas should have offloaded that chore to LaundryRepublic!
  12. Coathanger Abbey – Austen should have them send their excess hangers to us for recycling!
  13. Wuthering Whites – If your whites are wuthering, send them in for a laundry service!
  14. The Spy Who Came In With Some Bold 
    – some subtle product placement from John le Carré
  15. The Iron, The Stitch and The Wardrobe C.S. Lewis is well known for sneaking subtle messages about laundry into his works

Any other suggestions from our LaundryRevolutionaries??