Britons just aren’t great at doing laundry at home


It turns out we Britons just aren’t great at doing our laundry at home.

According to figures published in today’s Metro, Britons ruin more than £2 billion worth of laundry every year. In our lifetime, each of us will ruin £3,969 of clothing!

If you’re like the 600,000 Britons who’ve damaged up to nine garments in a single year, or if you’re among the two-thirds of us who’ve shrunk our clothes in the wash, we’ve got good news – there’s an easier way!

Just get LaundryRepublic in your building, and let us take care of it for you! No more shrinking, no more stretching, no more leaving that one red sock in a bundle of white shirts… We’ll pick your laundry up and bring it back to you beautifully clean – without all the fuss.

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