Alternative methods to get rid of the fluff on your clothes

In a previous post we talked about using a disposable razor to get rid of piling on your clothes. Here’s an alternative method, courtesy of our friends at Lifehacker, using another item you might find in your bathroom – a pumice stone!

Lightly run the pumice stone along the outside of the fabric of a jumper or cardigan – the bobbles should gradually come off the surface of the garment, leaving it nice and smooth.

This method is very effective, but less suitable for finer materials like cashmere. For these you can use a velcro hair roller! They might not look very sexy when you’re wearing them, but they’re great for peeling off the bobbles that accumulate on the underarms of your clothes (not very sexy either!). Lay the garment on a flat surface, pull it taut and slowly move the roller in upwards movements along the fabric until all the fluff is gone.

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